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New Mod - New Ideas - New Poll

Posted by isildurs_babe on 06.15.2007 at 2.19.pm


isildurs_babe at 2007-06-15 23:19 (UTC) (Link)
I'd certainly like to make some of our monthly projects about gathering and reccing LOTR related art but I wouldn't like to take attention off people's original work. I was hoping that the monthly projects would be the mainstay of the community. The prompt table idea was merely something that I'd hoped would conquer lack of ideas/motivation amongst members. Though if members wanted to to this rather than participate in monthly challenges that would be cool too. It's all about getting people creating and sharing their work and having a good time doing it. Neither the tabled prompts, nor monthly challenge would be compulsory for membership. And, of course, members can still post any art even if it doesn't correspont to either of the methods of prompts.

I will certainly make sure when issuing monthly projects that members can, if they wish, find other artwork that fits the challenge rather than participate. I think I would have to ensure that all non-original artwork was linked to, rather than posted though. I wouldn't want any members to get into trouble over posting rights.