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Mod Hat

New Mod - New Ideas - New Poll

Posted by isildurs_babe on 06.15.2007 at 2.19.pm
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Hi guys. It's lovely to be back!
I'm both very glad and very nervous to be the new Maia for fanart_realm. What I lack in experience of modding, I will make up for in enthusiam, so please be patient with me. ^__^ **Muahahhaa the power!!**

I have a few ideas for the community that I'd like to run past you:

Firstly, I'd like to introduce a sign-up prompt system; whereby I'll set up 3 or 4 (I'm still working it out) tables, each containing either 50 0r 100 prompts (depending on the theme of the table) - which members can take imspiration from. It would not be compulsory to sign up to these prompts, but I think this system will offer, old and new members alike, a constant level of interest in the community. The idea being that members choose their own character/race/ as well as their chosen promt table and produce 50/100 pieces of art based on that. This system is blatantly stolen from hp_art100. It works really well there.

Secondly, I'd really like to try and introduce a community project every month, running to two months depending on the project at hand. This can be a community prompt, or theme and would run alongside the sign-up prompt system that I've outlined above. Please take a few minutes to fill out the poll below and give me your ideas about the kinds of monthly projects you'd like to see here.

Third on my list: I'd like to have a few fests running per year. Fest: Noun(N) - A festival whereby members sign up with prompts of their favourite fantasy LOTR scenes. Members then are allocated or choose a prompt to draw. This is then posted to the community.

I have left the most controversial of my community wish-list ideas until last. As a member of the community I always felt rather constricted in what I was allowed to draw, and because of this, I didn't feel motivated to post my work even if it was rated G. So I'm proposing *takes deep breath* to change the rules about PG-13 art and non-nudity art only. I feel the community should be for everybody not just youngsters; besides which, I strongly believe that art should not be censored. I'm a member of other art communities that have an open policy of G to NC-17 art. These communities work really well because all art is behind LJ cuts and age ratings and warnings are clearly indicated in posts and in the subject line. Of course, along with this, Ratings and warnings would have to be compulsory and all art would be behind an lj-cut as it is now. I'd really like your ideas and feedback about this.
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